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How to Become a Rock Star App Developer – Top Tools You Need to Know About

You’ve decided you want to build a career as an app developer. You have the coding knowledge. Your design skills are stellar. Heck, you’ve even developed a professional network of like-minded coders. While those components are admirable, they’re not the only skills you’ll need if you want a long-term career as an app developer.

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8 Free Tools to Reduce Computer Eye Strain

Staying long hours in front of a computer can lead to dire consequences. Computer screens emit a blue light that can mess with your sleepingpatterns, and it can also cause blur vision, headaches, or other eye problems. We are going to start with reducing computer eye strain. We have rounded up 8 free tools for you to try, see what fits you the best, and try to live a healthier life, even though you spend 24/7 in front of the computer.

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