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Babies and Animals Equate to Gold in Print Advertising

If you’ve been in marketing or advertising for any length of time you’ve probably heard it before, but just in case, here it is again. Babies and animals sell. It’s one of the oldest tricks in the books of savvy marketers. They add a cute factor to campaigns and a sense of innocence is given to the product. With some campaigns such as diapers, using babies in the ad is a natural fit. With others it’s a stretch, but that’s what can really grab the attention of consumers.

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15 Most Creative and Effective Advertising Taglines

In just a few words, a great tagline can capture and audience and stick in the minds of consumers across the world. Advertising campaigns are the vehicles for these catchy slogans to get to potential clients and customers. Whether they are presented in print, TV, billboards and beyond, taglines are the hook of any ad. They are the concise punch line that boils the brand’s philosophy and identity down to just a few words.

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25+ Life Changing Social Awareness Print Ads

Social awareness, or social consciousness is a controversial subject in today’s society. It means to be aware of the problems that various societies and communities deal with every day, to be conscious of the difficulties of society in general.
Today I want to show you a collection of public awareness print ad designs. Some of them make great use of photo manipulation, most of them have a great concept behind the design, but all of them should be compelling and determine us to take a stand.

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