Best Remote Jobs You Can Apply To This Week

This week, we’ve decided to focus on the best remote jobs available. Let’s face it, what’s more awesome than working from wherever you want, without the hassle of punching in at the office. That’s why we’ve gathered up the best remote jobs we could find this week. Here they are:

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#1 Product Designer

Job Poster: Newcross Healthcare

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Job Type: Remote, Full Time

Job Summary: Newcross Healthcare, is rebuilding their technology products from the ground up in a modern stack, and they need a talented UI/UX Designer to help them out. You will be creating wireframes, mocks, UI/UX architecture, task flows and more, based on requirements and scenarios of the project.  

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#2 Web Designer

Job Poster: E-xact Transactions

Job Type: Remote, Contract

Job Summary: E-xact Transactions is building a series of next generation FinTech applications. They are looking for an experienced web designer that has spent at least several years designing outstanding modern web applications using CSS and HTML.

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#3 Creative Director, Solution Consulting

Job Poster: ServiceNow

Job Type: Remote, Full Time

Job Summary: ServiceNow is looking for an experienced Creative Director that will communicate with customers and prospects and convey their wants and needs back to the team. This, in turn, will help create stunning user experiences and visuals, that will enrich the entire product.

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#4 UX Designer Mobile – Senior

Job Poster: YouVisit

Job Type: Remote

Job Summary: YouVisit is looking for a highly skilled Sr UX Designer. Your job will be the creation of highly interactive, web, mobile and social media applications. You should be able to manage multiple projects at once and have excellent communication skills. Furthermore, you should be up to date with design trends and new technologies.  

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#5 User Experience Strategist

Job Poster: Alley Interactive

Job Type: Remote

Job Summary: As User Experience Strategist you will be tasked with identifying business goals, audiences, and success metrics. You will also be tasked with creating user personas, developing a new information architecture and more. This information will then help UX design and Development teams to work on and innovate projects.   

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There you have it, the best 5 Remote Jobs available this week on Pixel77 Jobs. Put on your slippers, apply and tell us in the comment section below which of the jobs appealed to you most.

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