The Psychology Behind Font for Facebook and Instagram

The Psychology Behind Font for Facebook and Instagram

Undoubtedly, content is the king when it comes to social media profiles like Facebook and Instagram. However, in order to create an informative, insightful, and impactful message to your audience, typography plays a significant role. No matter the level of enlightenment the content carries, it might not be as effective if not presented in the right typeface. Studies reveal that fonts and layouts affect the interest and the perception of your target audience.

In a study conducted by the psychologist, Kevin Larson, which involves up to 20 respondents divided into two separate groups. Each of the two groups was given a similar excerpt to read. One group was given an article filled with accurate and precise formatting, as well as an excellent layout. 

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The other group was assigned a similar article with inaccurate formatting. Larson, however, discovered that the well-formatted layout exhibited a higher cognitive focus in the participants, while the other group with terrible page composition fostered a negative reaction. And this ended up making the readers frown.

From what we’ve gathered from Larson’s study, it could be concluded that fonts make a significant difference in the perceptions of words. One thing might then come to your mind. How is that even possible? Does font alter the meaning of the text? 

In this article, we’ll be taking a brief look at the psychology behind fonts while also revealing a few fonts and typefaces as well as their corresponding personalities. Sit back while we get started:

The personality of Fonts and Typefaces

The word “font” and typefaces” and interchangeably used in similar contexts.

Interestingly, these two words represent different categories. While typefaces can be attributed to designs, fonts simply refer to the methods of presenting the design. For instance, the popular Sans Serif is a typeface while the Helvetica is a font that belongs to that category.

Here, we’ll be revealing a few typefaces and fonts as well as their corresponding personalities. This will help you discover which fonts tend to elicit emotions while you also make the perfect decision for your preferred platform.


Reputable, reliable, and respectable- these three qualities perfectly describe the famous Gucci, Tiffany & Co., and Louis Vuitton brands. However, there is something familiar to these popular brands. And that’s simply the fact that both use serif style for their logos. While the use of Old Serif style can be attributed to both Gucci and Tiffany & Co, Louis Vuitton brand employs the conventional serif for their own famous brand.

The serif font is a perfect embodiment of a sense of stability and tradition. This also contributed to the brand’s gaining much trust from both clients and customers all across the world. The most popular and widely known examples of serif fonts are Georgia and Times New Roman.

Sans Serif

The San Serif font is a font that makes a brand less traditional when compared with the serif fonts. This font is often perceived as simple and clean. When displayed on a website, they tend to contribute to high readability. 

Unlike serif font and stoic feel, the San Serif is a font that replicates familiarity and playfulness. This particular typeface has gained much popularity in being contemporary. It is mostly used in incredible digital designs. Two typical examples of the font are the Arial and Verdana. Get a smashing Sans-Serif Fonts Bundle Now.


Scripts tend to be inspired by handwriting. Commonly, the script fonts are mostly viewed as feminine. This might be attributed to the fact that their styles appear cursive, or they show the connection between letters. However, they do portray the fountain pen writings on old handwritten notes. Perhaps, it is this appearance that contributes the making scripts genuine, heartfelt, and creative.

In ancient times, the most common ones are the signature style logos. Currently, some of the brands that have adopted this style include Coca-Cola, Disney, Cadbury, and a few other popular brands. Interestingly, social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram have also adopted and embraced this style.  


The display fonts are typically designed to stick out and grab the attention of the audience. That’s why they don’t look appealing when squeezed into something less than 14pts. The display font is a font that will contribute to the appearance of your brand, thus making it friendly and amusing.

The Bottom Line: Choose the Right Font

Typography is undeniably an essential aspect of your composition. However, it appears as something that’s been constantly overlooked. As we’ve illustrated earlier, there’s more to the fact that you’ve selected the popular font types. 

Certainly, it requires more effort even than simply selecting the first thing that pops up on the list. In order to create an emotional relationship with your target audience, you need to relay your message in the right font.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, fonts and typeface can be as essential as the content itself. So, it’s not something you should overlook. In fact, they can make or break your content. Whenever the font fails to match your brand or the message you’re trying to convey, your audience will be subjected to visual disconnect. There are several fonts out there, and you can even get swayed easily. So, if you find yourself off the track, think back, and remember your brand and the message you want to convey.

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