Photoshop Commandment No. 1

Thou shall not abuse gradient!

Gradients are always cool and fun to use. But there are limits. It’s always ok to use a subtle effect but once you stepped over the line you’re on your way to Kitsch Land and you are guaranteed to obtain that awful 90’s look that we all know and hate.

So here are some examples that illustrate the difference. Of course the bad gradient category is a little exaggerated for didactic purpose only .

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The Good Gradient

This first example is a very popular type of gradient. It is made by a dark grey and a slight lighter one. The transition is subtle and it is perfect for a classic look. As a background it sustains the composition without attracting all the attention.


Another subtle gradient containing two different tones of blue. The two shades complement each other and again you have a nice background but it doesn’t call all the attention towards it


Here is an example of a web page in which gradient is used wisely. It plays an important role in the composition but again it is very subtle.


The Definitely NO NO Gradient
And we enter the gradients hall of shame.We will begin with “my favorite” which appears to be very popular: THE RAINBOW GRADIENT. I’m guessing that no further comments are necessary .


Oh and let’s not forget the multicolor gradient with rough transitions, nothing subtle about that.


And we close with a great example of gradient misuse although I am aware that the gradient is not the biggest issue here. Feast your eyes!


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