Things To Consider When Designing For WordPress Themes

Indeed, designing functional and beautiful WordPress themes is not a kind of task that can be taken simply and normally. On the contrary, when it comes to designing for WordPress themes, there’s a lot to consider and think about, in terms of function and formation. Before choosing this road, it’s quite important to completely understand… Continue reading

Latest Trends in Web Design & Development 2019

Web design is always going forward. Only professionals can follow its tempo. Trends in 2019 promise fun and interactive websites. Most noteworthy, minimalism will again impact the web design. This is trendy for the past three years. Still, we will see some more minimalism in 2019. We know you love listicles. Let’s move to the… Continue reading

Prototyping Since Static Is Now Outdated!

What is UX prototyping? UX prototyping is creating a mock website structure. It is normally done prior to the actual building of the website. Creating these prototypes is now considered as best practice. This is most especially helpful for designers and developers alike.   What does UX mean? UX is an acronym for user experience…. Continue reading