Top 10 Photography Trend You Should Follow

Photography is dynamic and has evolved. Some many new trends and offshoots have developed over time to produce unique and more compelling photos. Some of these styles and trends include Artistic nude photography, Noir photography, Boudoir photography, and drones. In this piece, we will examine some of the best trends in photography and what they… Continue reading

Mastering The Visual Game Of Landing Pages

Landing pages are among the best yielding online marketing strategies. I prefer referring to them as the oceans in the era of space exploration since we know more about the surface of Mars than of our earth’s oceans. Businesses are getting more serious about email marketing as they continue to increase investments in email marketing… Continue reading

How Can AI be Beneficial In Designing?

Incorporating the capabilities of AI in data-centric processes is something that we have learned to accept. But what happens when we think of adding the intelligence in tasks that are based entirely on human intuitions? Is the inclusion of AI in UI/UX design set to garner the same disruptive effects that AI offers in every… Continue reading