Our work so far

At this moment on our website we have 147 products in 12 categories and subcategories:

– 33 Vector packs – floral, scrolls, skulls, silhouettes and wings

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– 44 T-shirt designs

– 67 illustrations – backgrounds, music and signs& symbols

Soon this number will increase as we are working to create new and improved vector packs, t-shirt designs and illustrations.

So far the feedback that we had from the people that bought our vectors is very good but we have a lot of things that we need to improve. Because we mainly focused on custom projects we left behind the website for a while but now we started working to add more vector packs and t-shirt designs.

Also soon we will have a real advertising campaign on several websites where we will promote ourselves and our service to produce some awareness about our company.

We would love to hear your feedback about what can we improve in order to offer you what you are looking for. Tell us what kind of vector packs you would like to see on our website or other types of vector designs that you need and don’t find.

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