New Patterns Vector Packs & T-shirt Designs + Freebie & Speed Drawing Video from!

We just launched a beautiful new collection of 10 Seamless Patterns Vector Packs full of love! You will see why I said “full of love”. These new vector packs are the ace in your sleeve to create superb designs for your Valentine’s Day projects and not only! We’ve also created a brand new collection of jaw dropping t-shirt designs. Check out the previews of the new goodies!

 Seamless Patterns Vector Pack 69

Seamless Patterns Vector Pack 70

Seamless Patterns Vector Pack 71

Seamless Patterns Vector Pack 72

Seamless Patterns Vector Pack 73

Seamless Patterns Vector Pack 74

Seamless Patterns Vector Pack 75

Seamless Patterns Vector Pack 76

 Seamless Patterns Vector Pack 77

Seamless Patterns Vector Pack 78

Get all 10 Vector Packs above with 50% discount!

You can get all the 10 lovable vector packs above at half price! We’ve included all of the above vector pack in a cool bundle we called Seamless Patterns Mega Pack 6 – Love Patterns 1!

Seamless Patterns Mega Pack 6 – Love Patterns 1

This new t-shirt collection from looks like it’s ripped out of a scary movie! So beware, this is not a collection of t-shirt designs for the weak of heart! Our artists have created some mind blowing designs, that will make everyone say “Wow!”. Let me just say this: succubus, satyr, werewolf, sasquatch, gorgon, Cthulhu and more! So sit down while you’re looking at the previews of these 10 new t-shirt designs.

T-shirt Design 400 – Succubus

T-shirt Design 401 – Satyr

T-shirt Design 402 – Werewolf

T-shirt Design 403 – Saber Cat

 T-shirt Design 404 – Sasquatch

T-shirt Design 405 – Medusa

T-shirt Design 406 – Cthulhu

 T-shirt Design 407 – Gorgon

T-shirt Design 408 – Werewolf

T-shirt Design 409 – Caladius


As you may already know, we love to give away a little special something from the new vector packs we just launched, just so you can see up close the quality and the amount of work we put into our vector resources.

Love Patterns Mega Pack Free Sample


We also have an awesome surprise for you guys! We’ve created a cool speed drawing video for one of the sugar skulls included in our vector packs. We would like you to see how we make our vector resources and the attention we pay to every detail so that everything looks perfect!

I know that you just can’t wait to get your hands on these awesome vector resources! Visit right now and download all your favorite vector packs and t-shirt designs!

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