Let Your Mind Wonder with Great Travel Design Ideas

Artists draw inspiration for their work from life experiences, feelings, people and mainly their inhabited environment. A great part of the world lives in urban surroundings and thus, numerous illustrations with this theme are created. Some appreciate the fast pace of the city life and on the other hand, some enjoy the calm and quiet of the countryside or more exotic scenery.

With this idea in mind, we’re going to take a look today at some urban themed vector illustrations. The city is an ongoing source of inspiration, which never slows down. So let’s draw some awesome design resources from urban landscapes, not just by looking out the window.

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Let’s start with some grunge illustrations that offer a different view of the horizon we’ve all grown so accustomed to.

In comparison to the majestic skyscrapers, all of the people and their problems seem so small. The scenery just becomes a blur of concrete, brick and metal.

Next, some cartoon versions of our daily lives, some more accurate than others. As we all know, art is a reflection of reality but that doesn’t mean that it mirrors it perfectly.

And since we’re talking about the big city life, how can I not bring forth illustrations with some of the most famous and beautiful cities in the world? Let’s let loose and daydream we’re actually visiting these amazing destinations.

Well surprise surprise… You can find them in a cool vector pack that will give your projects diversity and exoticism – that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ that will make them stand out.

Here are a couple of my favorites, which are definitely on my must-see list.

And of course, patriotism found its way in the article. You can’t really blame a person for being fond of the city they live in. I would like you to meet my darling Bucharest.

And I’ve saved an all-time favorite last: New York. There’s just something about this city that makes everyone absolutely fall in love with it.

If you could get on a plane and leave tomorrow, what would be your ‘go to’ destination?


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