Let Your Imagination Fly – Birds Design Inspiration

Even though spring seems further and further away because of these mountains of snow that are falling upon us, I am set on spreading the warm feeling through some awesome design resources. So I’ve chosen for today beautiful and funny illustrations with birds. When you think of spring you automatically see flowers, feel the warmth of the sun on your skin and hear birds chirping happily – at least that’s how it works with me. So let spring fill your heart with these cute designs!

Let’s start with an old school illustration and let it set the tone by showing us what it means to be cool.

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Do you know that saying… the early bird catches the worm? Well, this little guy has taken it literally.

Birds have their own distinct personalities, you know, just like humans. Some are perky…

Some have a curious nature.

Some enjoy spending time with their friends.

And some are just really angry!

Some of them are just kind of complex and abstract.

They also grow old, like humans. Why are you frowning? Haven’t you heard about grandpa bird?

And to show you that you find them everywhere, I’ll give you the ultimate proof. The social media epitome is… yes, you know what I’m talking about! The Twitter bird. Here are some cute icons designed to help you spread your social wings.

You can also use bird illustrations in typography:

And if you’re looking for this kind of design resources, here are some amazing bird vector packs that will make your design projects rise to the next level. They are perfect for tattoos, illustrations, posters and prints.

And because Valentine’s Day is also approaching, I’m also going to show you a few adorable illustrations that you could easily use as cards for your loved one.

Which type of bird is your favorite?


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