Interview with 3D Artist Teodoru Badiu

Teodoru Badiu is a freelance artist and creative media designer based in Vienna, Austria who was born in the city of Sibiu, Romania. Teodoru is a fantastic illustrator, character designer and 3d artist with an unique graphic style.

Badiu’s works were published in design magazines, websites and books like Computer Arts, PSD Magazine, New Masters of Photoshop: Volume 2, Expose 3 by Ballystic Publishing.

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When did you start your career as a designer?

I started to work with Photoshop 10 years ago. I used to create digital photo based illustrations for since then. In 2005 I started to work more with vector and 3D and later started At day I work as Creative Media Designer in a Vienna based company since 2005 and create all the work for and at night.

What is your educational background?

High School, 2 Years Art School and 2 years SAE College.

Can you name 3 designs from your portfolio you like the most?

It is hard to choose but if I will have to I will take one from each kind of media I am working with:

3D, Pixy Wonderland, Vector, Magic Breed and mixed media FlyTry.

Our readers would definitely love to know what hardware and software you use when you create your designs.

Depending on how I want the Illustration to look and feel I use Photoshop, Illustrator, Cinema 4D and Modo.

What are the things that inspire you? Can you name a few websites you use for inspiration?

It could be everything related to my life, it can be music, movies, religion, comics, toys.

I would say CGTalk, 3D Total, Juxtapox, Vimeo.

When you began your journey as a designer you probably had a few role models, would you name two of your favorite artists?

I am not really a guy who needs idols but there are artists out there that I like.

From the illustration field I would name James Jarvis, Katie Olivas, Jeff Soto …

Designing has its ups and downs, what is the most difficult problem you ever faced as a designer?

Lack of time is one of the most difficult problems to solve.

Looking a bit into the future, how do you think people will look at your designs in four years from now?

Wow, who knows? At the beginning I was interested only in Photoshop relate stuff, at the moment I am very much interested in 3D and vectors I can’t tell what will be in 4 years. Maybe motion graphics and animation.

What advice would you give to the newbie designers?

Work hard and believe in yourself and go your way.

What do you think your greatest achievement is so far?

That I had the courage to start over and I do what I do today.

How much free time you have in a week and how do you usually spend that?

I can’t say that I have free time because after the day work I have always something to work on at home. On weekend if I don’t work I like to see movies or to read and to spend the time with my family.

What is your favorite PC game and how many hours you spend playing it?

I don’t play PC games. From time to time I play on Wii or Xbox but I get bored quickly and I don’t like to lose my time playing games.

I really liked this design. What was your drive to create it?

I wanted to create an own world with fantastic characters and creatures. A world where Lilly, the main character will have different adventures.

Teodoru Badiu’s website.

Teodoru’s Behance profile.

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