Let’s Get Inspired With Some Cool UI Elements

Every web designer knows that a website is nothing without a good user interface. That’s the border between human interaction and machines. A proper webdesign helps a user to operate or find the information a lot easier that it would’ve been a couple of years ago. In fact it’s not just for websites or wordpress themes; it’s for almost anything that needs to be coded; from heavy machinery, to cell-phones, operating systems and so on.

The first user interfaces were pretty rough, and the design wasn’t so important. Functionality was the main goal. A lot has changed since then, and nowadays UI design is a very important detail. We all know that sometimes inspiration comes a little hard or doesn’t come at all, that’s why I prepared some neat User Interface designs for you.

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The cool thing is that there is an awesome design bundle filled with lots of stuff that would be very useful for web designs. It includes icons, infographic elements, user interfaces and lots of great stuff. You should check it out, it could be the thing that you’re looking for!

Which kind of user interface designs you prefer? A classic or a more futuristic one?

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  1. mike Mar 30, 2012 at 17:12

    nice graphics where can i download from

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