Inkydeals Birthday Giveaway Winners

Hey guys, the time has come for me to announce the lucky winners of the Inkydeals Birthday Giveaway. But before I do that, how about a short recap? The prizes Inky has prepared for you are a Kindle Fire Hd,  a pair of state-of-the-art Sony Wireless Headphones and no more and no less than 5 Ultimate Birthday Bundles!

The 5 winners who gathered the most likes on their heartfelt wishes for Inky are:

  1. Manuel Garcia – 171 likes – Kindle Fire HD & Ultimate Birthday Bundle: $2799 Worth of Design Resources for only $49 for FREE
  2. Kimmie Garcia – 54 likes – Sony Wireless RF Headphones & Birthday Bundle for FREE
  3. Heather Crawford – 48 likes – Birthday Bundle for FREE
  4. Kristin Fink Schill – 16 likes – Birthday Bundle for FREE
  5. Samalah Gray – 9 likes – Birthday Bundle for FREE

Congrats to all of you! And that’s not all: Inky’s got another special surprise up his sleeve. I know you’re probably thinking he has no sleeves, but let’s not fuss over the details, guys. He wants you to feel appreciated so he’s offering all the amazing people who’ve participated in the contest a 15% discount coupon, to use on a product of their choice from We will contact you tomorrow on Facebook to get the necessary details to send over the prizes and coupons.

Now, I thought it would be nice to take a look together at a few of the most original wishes:

Rick Johnson: “Inky Dinky Do! Happy Birthday 2 U!”

Rob Oja: “Columbus was a famous man;
Einstein was one, too.
They were known to all, but then….,
Along Came You!!

Debbie Goodwin: “Inky, Inky, my dear, my dear
I open my inbox and see your emails
It puts a thrill in my heart and a glow in my eye
Wondering what beautiful designs and wonderful deals I’ll see this time!
So on this day as you celebrate your birthday I hope you are

Happy, Happy, Happy and I wish you
Many, Many more!!!
Happy Birthday Inky!”

James Ritz: “Happy Birthday Inky! I hope you have a “deal”icious Day. Happy Birthday ”

Samalah Gray: “It’s been a year we have no fear

that each year will be better…To celebrate with my good mate

I thought I’d write a letter…
Congratulations little guy,
you bring me deals I love to buy,
the value’s great – in fact sky high,
you are the BEST deal getter!Happy Birthday Inky! :)”

Carol Herren Blaylock: “You always have such fun birthdays, Inky…you should have one every year! Happy First Birthday!!”

Cheryl Pixie Adams: “Happy Birthday Inkypoo we ♥ you!”

Luke Siegle: “♨ Wishing you a very Onederful birthday Inky! ♨”

Brian Ortega: “Happy Birthday, Inky? Why so blue? Get it? Why so blue?… nevermind.”

Candy Flick Graves: “What a better way to wish Inky Deals a happy birthday than with Ryan Reynolds!!”

Traci Hayner Vanover: “Inky Deals, in our family, it’s customary to sing this version of the birthday song…<<AHEM>>:Happy Birthday to you,
You live in a zoo….
You look like a monkey,

You smell like one, too!Consider this your formal initiation. CONGRATS & BEST WISHES! Now, go out and buy yourself something pretty.”

That’s all for today, folks! Best regards from Inky and his team.

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