Let Your Imagination Fly with Amazing Angel Illustrations

Because the winter holidays are approaching at a fast pace, I’ve prepared for you today some seasonal inspiration in the form of some awesome angel illustrations. Angels are ever-present in our hearts and… within our decorations in this period. They offer comfort, hope and glittery goodness on the top of our Christmas tree.

Just take a look… They’re so adorable, you won’t be able to resist!

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Of course there are also some abstract and complex works inspired by these divine creatures.

In case you’re more pragmatical, I’ve also prepared some cool angel and wings vector packs and Photoshop brushes for you to use in your projects.

I’ve also got you used to a themed T-shirt design, so here’s today’s one.

Now… how about some more classic and grunge angel illustrations to get your imagination going?

There’s no such thing as a love-hate relationship with these amazing design resources.

Tell me, do you prefer the more religious ones, the cupids or the grungy, vintage little angels?


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2 Comments Let Your Imagination Fly with Amazing Angel Illustrations

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  2. Paul Eline Dec 29, 2011 at 13:33

    Awesome, Cool, Elegant, Mind blowing, Fantastic, Eye Catching etc. etc. :) I don’t have words to express my feelings after watching these awesome pictures….


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