Giveaway! Win the Snapheal App – a fantastic photo editor that does magic


Today we’ve teamed up with our friends from MacPhun LLC to bring you an awesome giveaway! The nice people from MacPhun LLC are now working at a new version of their wonder photo app – Snapheal. It’s so good that even the guys from the NY Times were impressed.

With this app you can erase unwanted objects in a few clicks, remove skin spots, delete text, scratches and perform pro image edits in a matter of minutes. It is the ultimate app to make pictures much better and it’s worth every single penny. You can find out more about this app by following this link.

How to win?

All you have to do to win this app is to write in a comment why you need or want Snapheal and you’re in the game. Oh, by the way, if you still have doubts about it, you can download and test the free trial version first.

This giveaway is available from today, the 5th of July until the 12th of July. The winner will be announced on the 13th of July and will be picked via

Shaymaa Al-Zeiny
This software would be great help for me, i work on editing images all the time at work and for family uses too. At work i'm working on images for company events, i'm responsible for retouching and adjusting these images before uploading them to the company's intranet, most of tomes Photoshop does the job, but sometimes it doesn't and i find myself obliged to upload an image that i'm not fully satisfied with, hope Snapheal would do better for me.
I would really put this to good use! I work with photoshop a lot and need to retouch pictures on a daily basis. This program would really cut the time I spend in half. I hope I am the lucky one!
Frank Byers
I would like to have this for all the reasons why you have created it so just give it to me.
Darla Doan Eckersberg
you should try for it... you win everything else!!!
Juan Carlos
I love to edit pictures! :D
Tracy Severt Dyckman
I love doing photography. With a new baby at home, my time is very limited. Having Snapheal would allow me to continue to take lots of photos and make them more beautiful in a lot less time!
I have 5 grandchildren, and spend a lot of time editing out spaghetti and ice cream from faces in my numerous photos! This application looks simple and quicker... faster than Photoshop for quick edits. Looks great and I'd love to win! Thank you! Warm regards, Barb
JanetLucia Villamizar
I want to win the app, because the pictures is one of the treasure of my life. Thank you!
Samo Ne Ta Ana
I am not professional..But I desperately want to be. Photoshop is great, but there I am like Alice kicked out of the Wonderland. These would be great for the personal website that for a quite some time I want to build by my own! Anyway, I was reading those comments, and I wouldn't like to be you. EVERYBODY REALLY WANTS SNAPHEAL!
Robert Brown
Even if you don’t win it, Snapheal is a low cost and very worthwhile investment. I use it almost everyday and it can work wonders….
My friends and family are afraid of the computer sometimes. But--they aren't afraid of the ipad! I need an app they can use to be designers-in-training.


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