Fresh Medieval Photoshop Text Effects & Free PS Graphic Style from! challenge themselves every day to bring all you creative professionals out there fresh, top notch design products to use in your projects. This time, they took text effects to a whole new level: strong textures, screaming colors in high contrasts, 3D dents effect with realistic scratches and cracks… all applied with just a few clicks! Moreover, they have an awesome freebie for you guys: a Free Photoshop Droplet Graphic Style. Check them out!

Medieval Photoshop Text Effects

Free Photoshop Droplet Graphic Style

Want a touch of freshness to your images? You feel that something is missing and you can’t quite put your finger on it?  This little graphic style will turn any shape or text into a water drop in a matter of seconds. Simply double-click the .ASL file to load it into your Styles palette, select the shape layer and select a style.
There are 3 styles for more sizes: small, medium and large. Try them all and enjoy!

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