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Exclusive Freebies Powered by our Friends from Vecteezy

Vecteezy is the place to share your free Vector Art and other vector-related resources. Vecteezy makes it easy to explore thousands of graphics created by vector artists from all over the globe. All the graphics are free to download and, depending on the license, free to use in your projects.

This week we partnered up with them and decided to bring you two awesome packs of icons.

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Star Wars Icons Vector Set

star wars icons


If you’re still yearning for that old school Star Wars feeling, then this is the icon pack for you. It contains 16 fresh designs, evoking the glory days of Star Wars.

25 Space & Universe Icons

space and universe icons


Have you ever wondered how an adventure in outer space is like? Well, this 25 stylized icons pack is sure to give you a taste of that action.

I hope you enjoy these resources from our friends at Vecteezy. Tell us in the comment section below what you think

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