Design Inspiration – Vector Zodiac Characters

The zodiac is a belt-shaped astronomical region in the middle of which is the ecliptic (or the sun’s path). It’s divided into twelve constellations, which in astrology represent birth signs. According to their date of birth, each individual is attributed one sign and is believed to hold specific characteristics. Whether or not you’re a believer or follower of the horoscope, the awesome and funny vector sets with the zodiac characters will surely come in handy in your design projects. I’ve hand picked them from different styles, so that you have the best chance of finding one that suits your needs. I also threw in a set containing the Chinese zodiac signs and one with the horoscope symbols, so you’re all set to go. Enjoy!

Just click on your favorite style character and it will take you to the entire vector zodiac collection!

Which vector horoscope characters were your favorite?

Desentupidora Desentupir24hs
muito bom lindinho esse post, amei!
Desentupidora Esgolimp
very good ideas for creating vectors for zodiacs
Desentupidora São Paulo
Fantástico, ícones e desenhos de horóscopo
great and great....


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