Design Inspiration: 25 Awesome Gothic Vector Illustrations

“O! More than Gothic ignorance.” – Henry Fielding


“Gothic” is kind of a catch-all term nowadays, in that it can mean whatever you want it to mean. Still, most of the meanings that come to mind when thinking of the word have a touch of macabre to them. Usually, “gothic” designates something scary, most of the times something that involves death and/or pessimism.

Still, the term hasn’t always looked like this. It first just meant “barbaric”. It started being associated with the arts in the early 12th century, when French architects started building in a new style. This style of architecture matured in the 14th century in what is now known as the International Gothic Style.

The buildings in this style were described by Italian architects and writers as barbaric and “Gothic”. Why Gothic? Because the Goths had sacked Rome in 410 and this was universally accepted in the 14th and 15th centuries as the moment Classical civilization fell.

OK, so the word used to mean barbaric. So what? Well, the style was quickly associated with a bunch of arts, like painting and sculpture. How is this relevant to you, as a modern-day designer? Well, the word also has a lot of tie-ins with the world of design.

Let’s face it, of all the design resources, the most important ones, historically, are the other arts. Design has always drawn heavily from other visual arts, as well as architecture.

Beyond that, though, the term “Gothic” has a special meaning in the design world, a meaning pertaining to typography. There are two types of script referred to as “Gothic”. One of them is the Blackletter family of fonts, which were used from the 12th century to the 17th in all of Europe and that continued to be used for German up to the 20th century. Another one is the Sans Serif typeface also known as Grotesque.

In the 18th century, a group of English writers known as “The Graveyard School” started using the term to describe their literary work, which always had a dark element to it.

So what’s so important about this history of the meanings the word “Gothic” has acquired over the years? Well, for one thing, it’s ever since The Graveyard School started using it to describe their works that the macabre became central to the concept. More so, if we look at Gothic literature, we will find that atmosphere is key.

This means that in what we now call Gothic art, which is art with a touch of macabre, a bit of pessimism, maybe a little scary, what’s really important is not what is depicted necessarily, but what’s implied by the depiction.

That being said, here are 25 Gothic vector illustrations that are guaranteed to make your spine tingle with inspiration!

1. ‘Aperitif #1’ by Orlando Arocena

APERITIFS_2a© 2012Arocena~olo409.jpg

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2. ‘Salvation 01’ ny Adrian Knopik


Image source

3. ‘Heresy’ by Anna Ignatieva


Image source

4. ‘Teuthida Love’ by Niel Marcelino


Image source

5. ‘Smooch’ by Lloyd de Guzman


Image source

6. ‘Frankenstein’ by Denis O’Sullivan


Image source

7. ‘House of Secrets’ by Brandon Ragnar Johnson


Image source

8. ‘Shapeshifter’ by Jorge Servin


Image source

9. ‘Mindfuck’ by Ramon de Andrade Madeira


Image source

10. ‘LHTv2’ by Guto Reiiz


Image source

11. ‘The Zombie Mermaid Princess’ by Witit Karpkraikaew


Image source

12. ‘Nosferatu’ by Stephen Kinsey


Image source

13. ‘Demonic Bird’ by Daryl Bean


Image source

14. ‘Phoenix Comicon Exclusive – May of the Dead’ by Patrick Finch


Image source

15. ‘Amanita Muscarita’ by MetaMephisto


Image source

16. ‘Old Skull’ by Edno Pereira Jr.


Image source

17. ‘Muertos’ by Jefferson Thomaz Lino Rodrigues


Image source

18. ‘Start Running’ by Nastasia Peters


Image source

19. ‘80713’ by Timur Khabirov


Image source

20. ‘ZombieNation 07’ by Renzo Gonzáles Vereau


Image source

21. ‘I Say Devil (black)’ by Karin van de Kuilen


Image source

22. ‘Last Knight’ by Ivan Prelevic


Image source

23. ‘Skull India’ by Andreas Ivanof


Image source

24. ‘I’m on a Diet’ by Emily Watanabe


Image source

25. ‘Poster KC’ by inumocca


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