Design Ideas: 10 Steampunk Vector Resources

Today’s dose of design inspiration is delivered via some amazing steampunk vector illustrations, sets, patterns, typography and T-shirt design. I chose this particular genre because it stands out among other styles and I believe it can add a note of authenticity to your designs. Steampunk is quite a recent trend, having appeared during the 1980s and early 1990s; it consists mainly of science-fiction, fantasy and alternate history influences. Now how cool does that sound? Even if you haven’t heard of this movement, you’ll surely be able to identify it in movies or cartoons you’ve seen before. Be inspired!

I’d love it if you shared with us your feelings about this genre in the comments section below, and other cool steampunk designs you’ve stumbled upon.

ahi evran
bright and round shapes, but the package does not matter which is important in engaging
Larry C.
Very cool patterns and pictures. Creative as heck!
Andra Postolache
So glad you enjoyed them, Larry :)


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