Guide to Creative Photography Overlays

Photography overlays are the creative elements that are added to photos by editing additional layers. Photography editing tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom are used for this purpose. Raw pictures are edited with beautiful, creative, and glowing photo overlays to enhance the quality or to incorporate unique effects into the original photos.

Blending Modes or Photo overlays were first added in Photoshop 3.0; there were 19 blending modes. However, there are 27 Blending Modes in the updated version of Photoshop. Many types of blending modes are used to transform a raw image into an attractive one. Few blending modes include, Normal, Dissolve, Darken, Multiply, Color Burn, Linear Burn, Darker Color, Lighten, Screen, Color Dodge, Lighter Color, Overlay, Hard Light, Vivid Light, Linear Light, Difference, Exclusion, Subtract, and many more.

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How to Add Overlays to Your Photos?

Adding Photography Overlays to a picture is as simple as putting butter to toast. Whether you’re looking to compose double exposures, composite images, or collages, you can simply use blend modes and layer masking tools to create overlay images using your ideas and inspiration.
These are a few foremost steps to follow while applying overlays to photos:                        
1. Browse and open your base image in photo editing software, and add your secondary images to another selected layer in the same project.
2. Adjust, resize, and then drop your images into position.
3. Use a layer masking tool to block out the areas in the image you want to see through or keep as transparent.
4. Play like a child plays in Paint, with different blend modes, and adjust your images’ opacity to apply the ideal effect on your picture.
5. Save and export your overlay image as a PNG, JPG, or other available file formats.


Why Are Photo Overlays So Essential?

To add more beauty and effect to adorable images, you can blend and apply attractive overlays to make them more beautiful! Heart overlays, bubble overlays, or star and moon overlays are eye-catching and enhance your photos and make them look stunning. Grunge overlay creates a dirty or untidy effect of photo corners.


Unique Ways to Use Overlays to Your Photos?

Many overlays and blending tools can be used to edit, enhance, and design photos for many different purposes. Here are ten unique overlays to redefine your Photo overlaying art;

1.Falling Leaves Overlay: Falling Autumn Leaves Overlays are the best fit for outdoor autumn portraits and landscapes. You can readjust opacity and light to have more realistic and aesthetic looks.
2. Heavy Rain Overlay: With this overlay, you can add an appealing and attractive rain effect to your picture. These are ideal textures to present realistic conditions in pictures. Viewers can sense and feel the soothing and relaxing nature rainfall. 
Grunge Overlay: Grunge overlay presents vector symbols or arrows in a random direction, creating a unique overlay illustration. Adding a little grunge overlay makes your picture look a bit cool and eye-catching.
4. Sky Overlay: Perfect Sky overlay adds scenic beauty to the pictures, making them more vibrant than before. Sky overlays are available in many color blends and contrast, adding a versatile look to your edited pictures.
5. Dust Overlay: With Dust overlay, you can create early 90’s effects. Dust overlay can be used to present a vintage look effect. Dust and noise overlay effects are inspired by a dramatic and retro theme.
6. Film Overlay: Film overlays or motion graphics are used to present past incidents or film effects. With this overlay effect, you can present your image with a creative historical touch. 
7. Glitter Overlay: Glitter overlays represent a transparent layer, which shows a bouquet or stars in the backdrop, presenting very realistic and beautiful compositions. Glitter overlays can be added to wedding shoots to make the background glossy and more attractive.
8. Lightning Overlay: Lightning overlays are used to illustrate a thunderstorm on a rainy day. Lightning overlays can be added to pictures with dark backgrounds, making the background more breathtaking.
9. Sun Flare Overlay: Sun flare overlays provide unique exposure to the picture. The bubbles and extend rays from the sun create a noticeable charming effect. Sun flare overlays can be applied to all sorts of backdrops and pictures.


Five Interesting Facts About Photo Editing

Photography is a visual art, creating thousands of unforgettable memories for people across the globe. Memories are passed on from one generation to another. Here, look at the five essential facts about photo editing.
1. Photo Editing doesn’t make a picture fake: To capture the best angle and the location is a photographer’s art. However, to edit and re-compose a picture is editors class. Every seasoned and skillful photo editor ensures crafty and creative editing, giving the picture its natural look.
2. Everything cannot be rectified in post-processing: Post-processing in unique art and only a few editors can master it. However, all flaws cannot be corrected and processed; the photographer should try his best to present a perfect Raw image.
3. The shooting format matters: It’s preferred to shoot without any processing, as it gives the editor more room to edit freely and saves your image data.
4. Editing gives a unique touch: Users highly appreciate it if studios and professional photographers provide them with edited copies. Photo editing adds life and colors to pictures, making them more noticeable.
5. Presets don’t discredit your work: Presets are tools that assist you in quick editing. Presets help you to work more effectively and edit smoothly.

Where to Find Photo Overlays?

Photo overlays effects come in jpeg format compatible with any universal software that allows you to work and merge layers. There are thousands of ideas and creative designs to help you select the perfect overlay for your pictures. You can simply browse photo overlays online and feel pictures like a dream. Paid and free photo overlays are available to enhance your photos; all you need to do is to find the best one that meets your requirements.

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