Create a Bright Floral Text Effect

Today I will guide you through this tutorial for creating this cool text effect and smooth background using Photoshop . We will be using some vectors some layer styles and quite a bit of motion blur. To download the vector for this tutorial and the final psd.  just scroll down to the bottom of this page.

For this tutorial I used Photoshop CS3, the Plastic Pill font from DaFont and a vector floral from Vector pack 47.

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Step 1

Start with a plain white background. Write down your text using any font you like ( just make sure it’s pretty thick). Use a bright color ( blue  for me # 0083fe ).


Step 2

Now duplicate this layer . Give it a black color and set it behind the original text layer. Name it Shadow and nudge it a few times to the right and a few times downwards.It should look like this.


Step 3

Duplicate the Shadow layer too (you can name this layer blur). Again make sure it’s behind the two text layers. And go to Filter/Blur/Motion Blur and use the following settings.


Step 4

Nudge this layer too, but this time only down and lower the opacity to about 40%.In the end you should have something looking like this.


Step 5

And now we are going to put the floral vector to good use. Import it your layout and duplicate it a few times so that every letter of the word is covered.


Step 6

Merge all these vectors layers into one single layer named Floral. And now we are going to get rid of all the vectors that are not in the text area. So  Ctrl+ click on the text layer icon to select the  text. Press Shift+ Ctrl+ I to inverse the selection and after selecting the Floral layer hit the delete key.


Step 7

And now let’s   give some layer styles to the text. So select the text layer ,open up the layer styles menu and perform the following settings.





And you should end up with something looking like this:


Step 8

Duplicate the text layer, set the mode to overlay. Go to Filter/Noise/ Add Noise and insert these settings :

Reduce the opacity to about 20%.


Step 9

Select the floral layer and let’s make it stand out . Again go to layer styles and give it a little shadow and an outer glow.





Now let’s take care of the background. Go to layer style and give it a subtle gradient.



Step 11

Import again the floral vector we’ve used earlier. Only this time resize them and make them bigger. Duplicate it and  then drag the two layer in opposite corners; something like this:


Step 12

But we don’t want these to floral vectors to steal all the attention. So we will make their presence very subtle. Give them a  little drop shadow and lower the fill and the opacity to about 30%.


Step 13

Now you are gonna have to trust me on this. With your workspace visible   make a print screen  and paste it just on top of the background. Resize it if necessary so that it  fits on the whole document.


Step 14

Go to Filter/ Blur/Motion Blur and use these settings:



Step 15

Now , with the same layer selected , go to Adjustments/ Curves and let’s bring up the brights.


And you are about done. Of course you can play around with the adjusment layers or you could give  the background  an interesting pattern ( on a soft light mode).



Hope you find this tutorial useful and see you next time!

Download Psd:

  bright floral text (16.8 MiB, 2,098 hits)

Download vector:

  Designious floral vector (1.6 MiB, 2,037 hits)


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