The Best Contract Jobs for Creatives This Week

As promised last week, here we are with another roundup of awesome jobs for creatives. This time however, we’ll be going through 5 of the best contract jobs you can find on Pixel77 Jobs.

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#1 Accessibility Strategist/Consultant

Job Poster: Simply Accessible

Location: Remote

Job Description: The job entails solving accessibility issues as they occur and put together an Error messaging strategy, that will sort the issues based on their severity. Moreover, you will be required to run accessibility testing and implementation of the resolution to these issues.

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#2 Motion Graphics Designer

Job Poster: Twitch

Location: San Francisco, CA

Job Description: It seems that the Online video Streaming giant is looking for motion graphics designers. They want you to create custom branded graphics for the company sales and marketing initiatives. You will help expand the company’s voice and reach while focusing on their brand and products.

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#3 Principal UI / UX Designers

Job Poster: Momentum Design Lab

Location: New York, NY

Job Description: Momentum Design Lab is searching for someone that will help them ensure that what they produce is effective and intelligent. Working with a team of other designers and software developers, you will be responsible for the creation of better, more forward-thinking work.

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#4 Frontend Developer

Job Poster: Purepoint

Location: London, UK

Job Description: Purepoint is looking for someone to implement pages on a static Jekyll powered website. You need to be passionate about creating great products, have strong views and know how to turn wireframes into working responsive pages for an array of devices.

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#5 Junior Interaction Designer

Job Poster: Bresslergroup

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Job Description: As junior Interaction Designer, you will receive all the information and research you need to craft elegant experiences for product users. You’ll need to know how to create user flows, wireframes, and interactive prototypes in Azure, or similar. Apart from these skills, you also need solid visual design, layout, typography and iconography knowledge.  

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What do you think about our list of contact jobs? If you find anything else interesting on Pixel77 Jobs, let us know in the comment section below.



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