New Awesome T-shirt Designs, Vector Packs & Freebie from!

Throughout the history of mankind there always was a curiosity about the oriental world and their way of life. All this mystification turns heads and attracts people from all over the world. With this in mind, our designers have created some mind-blowing oriental vector art and t-shirt designs. I’m talking about 10 amazing vector packs with Chinese themed resources starting from ornaments to mythology, monuments and gods that will add a subtle touch of mystery to your works!

We’ve also put all these vector packs in one big Mega Pack at half the price.

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With dragons, Shaolin monks and gods, these 10 new t-shirt designs will leave you speechless. The level of detail is impressive and the color scheme is pretty neat too!

Checkout the previews of the 10 new vector packs and t-shirt designs. And don’t forget to scroll all the way down to get your latest freebie!


Kung Fu Vector Pack 1

Chinese Zodiac Vector Pack 1 

Chinese Weapons Vector Pack 1 

Chinese Ornaments Vector Pack 1 

Chinese Mythology Vector Pack 1

Chinese Music Instruments Vector Pack 1

Chinese Monuments Vector Pack 1

Chinese Gods Vector Pack 1 

Chinese Glyphs Vector Pack 1 

Chinese Birds Vector Pack 1

Chinese Art Megapack 1 includes all 10 vector packs above and you can get it at half the price of the individual vector packs.

Chinese Art Megapack 1 

Prepare to be amazed by these 10 new t-shirt designs we have for you!

T-shirt Design 440

T-shirt Design 441

T-shirt Design 442

T-shirt Design 443

T-shirt Design 444

T-shirt Design 445

T-shirt Design 446

T-shirt Design 447

T-shirt Design 448

T-shirt Design 449


Don’t forget to download your freebie! This is a free sample from the Chinese Mega Pack premium bundle.

Get your hands on these gorgeous vectors and t-shirt designs! Go to and upgrade your collection with some of the best resources out there!

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