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9 Sites Using Amazing Typography And How You Can Too

Typography is an essential tool for any web designer. For many sites, it’s the stimulus that takes the design from serviceable but bland to dynamic and intriguing. Just try imagining any of the examples that follow with a plain, one-size typeface, and you’ll see just how much the designs rely on having interesting type choices, layouts, and effects. Now that web designers are finally able to use specialized typefaces and complex effects in their designs, it’s a good time to really take a look at how typography really works to elevate web designs.

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How To Design Your Site for the Holidays

We all know that making changes for the holidays should entail a little more effort than a snowflake animation or a “Season’s Greetings!” on the homepage or your social media profile photos. But even the most sophisticated alterations are just the first of many additions you can make to enhance your site’s content and branding. That’s not to say that a simple touch of holiday décor isn’t a great idea for a smaller business. What you choose to do for your site should depend on the amount of resources you have to make it happen.

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Design Inspiration: 10 Ecommerce Sites With Beautiful Product Photography

Product pages are arguably more important to an ecommerce site than even its homepage. And the images of each product are certainly the most important component of these pages. After all, product pages are the gateway to purchases, and high-quality, appealing images give consumers the confidence they need to purchase. If you don’t want your sales to suffer due to subpar imagery, it’s essential that you have the best quality photography that you can possibly get. From the angles, colors, and art direction, to the size, shape, and interactive elements, everything about your product photography needs to be considered.

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