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15 Memorable Street Art Masterpieces by Banksy

Banksy is one of the most famous graffiti artists out there, in part because he has managed to keep his identity a mystery. Based in England, this artist has transformed walls, streets, sidewalks and just about anything he can manage to tag with satirical pieces that are derived from pop culture and politics. Using stenciling and dark humor, his work is an inspiration to designers and artists everywhere and evokes thought as visual social commentary.

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15 Most Creative and Effective Advertising Taglines

In just a few words, a great tagline can capture and audience and stick in the minds of consumers across the world. Advertising campaigns are the vehicles for these catchy slogans to get to potential clients and customers. Whether they are presented in print, TV, billboards and beyond, taglines are the hook of any ad. They are the concise punch line that boils the brand’s philosophy and identity down to just a few words.

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