Bert Monroy. Photo-realist painter.

4 mins read Bert Monroy is a digital artist pioneer, specialized in photo-realistic digital painting. He spent 20 years in the advertising industry as an art director and creative director for various agencies as well as his own. Upon discovering computers with the

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Create a cosmic scene in 20 easy steps

5 mins read At the end of this tutorial you will learn how to create stars in space, shades of light (not necessarily in space) and some shapes with a “space” feeling. This tutorial wants to help you learn different techniques and encourage

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Perspective up! Vanishing point.

5 mins read Forget the transform options like skew, distort and perspective! When it comes to getting your perspective right, Vanishing Point is the king! Be it DVD covers, gallery paintings, windows from a house, skyscrapers or pretty much anything that is made

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Peter Jaworowski

3 mins read Art from Poland this week. Awesome! Peter Jaworowski is an established freelance graphic designer and illustrator based in Warsaw, Poland at the Ars Thanea Studio. He is a design director. Debut Art represents Jaworowski worldwide, and Mushroom in Spain. One

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Glittery sparkles effect

5 mins read Background effect 1. Open a colorful image in Photoshop. I used a photo taken a few years  ago, i thought it was appropriate for this project. 2. Crop the most colorful part of the image, where’s the biggest diversity in

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