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Working at Home With Kids: Strategies to Increase Productivity

Working from home when you’re looking after children can be a struggle, especially if you have limited time to work and deadlines to meet. But with a little planning, you can work more efficiently without neglecting your child. The following suggestions focus more on attitude and lifestyle choices to increase your productivity while working from…

5 Motivational Prompts for Creatives

Motivation is easy when you work for an employer and have an assigned manager who is tasked with the job of keeping the production flowing. This type of management allows you the luxury of doing your assigned job and go home. However, if you are a self-employed individual, you are responsible for your own motivation….

How to Explain Tech to Your Mom

As geeks, we all universally dread the same thing.  This thing rears its ugly head at the most inconvenient times, can suck the life out of us, and is something we may try to avoid but feel duty-bound to address.  This thing is the inevitable call from mom to help her with her technology needs.

The Zen of Math

Welcome! Please remove your shoes before entering the room. Find yourself a cushion and sit comfortably. Comfy? Good. Now close your eyes. Breathe in for four counts and out for five counts. Now breathe in for eight counts minus four and out for the square root of 25. Math! Such a meditation experience could be…

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