Let’s Get Nostalgic with Some Vintage Vector Designs!

3 mins read Some people might say that vintage designs are considered outdated and that they look old, dull and unattractive. We don’t agree with that! And we’re sure that many feel the same way as us. We can’t deny that, in comparison to modern design, vintage themed designs are completely different, this type of design has a large variety of benefits that modern designers tend to overlook.
A vintage design creates a nostalgic feeling , it has the power of awakening memories and of involving a wider range of readers, even though they might not realize it. Vintage is “something else”, it’s an out of the box design, it’s the reinterpretation of the past in today’s design – and not everybody succeeds to accomplish it.

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How to survive as a graphic designer without Internet

4 mins read Nowadays, it seems almost impossible to live without our cell phone, without Internet access – that includes email, social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on.
Jake Reilly inspired me to write this article. Jake lived for the last 3 months in December 2011 without the things above. His experience inspired me and made me think how we can do some things differently.The amount of time we spend on social networks and on the mobile phone is increasing and it’s eating up our free time or it even interferes with out work.

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Interview with Digital Artist Thomas Tibitanzl a.k.a. deZane

6 mins read Thomas Tibitanzl, or deZane, his artist name, is a self-taught Digital Artist and Designer who currently lives in Munich. Thomas grew up in the golden city of Prague and at an early age he established with his family in Germany.

His work covers both graphic, web and print design. Thomas expresses his art through thought-provoking and narrative artworks. His creations are based on original concepts, complete stories with deep messages, trying to encourage the viewer to think for himself. deZane’s artworks have been described as “fluid renderings of alternate universes, dreamlike sequences of juxtaposed landscapes.”

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10 Fabulous New Vintage Seamless Pattern Vector Packs & Freebie from Designious.com!

3 mins read As a designer, you should own a library full of design resources such as vector elements, vector seamless patterns, PS brushes, fonts and more. Today we come to your help with a set of 10 amazing vintage seamless vector packs, which means 60 gorgeous patterns! The high quality, the colors, the elements and the concepts of these vintage vector patterns make them suitable for special invitation cards, background designs and so much more! Stick around, we have more surprises to come by the end of this article!

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Photoshop Tutorials Roundup – January 2012

2 mins read This January, I found a lot of awesome Photoshop tutorials on the web! Seems like designers didn’t waste any time and they started this year in force! Here’s what’s on the menu today: how to create grunge textures, type treatments, how to use various PS tools such as Painting brush, curves and levels & others, how to create amazing photo manipulations and how to blend images and work with lighting and shadows.

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