Alex Dumitru

Alex is the Business Development Director of Designious and its family of websites: Pixel77, Vectorious and Inspirationmix . He mostly handles the business side of the company and he occasionally writes in depth articles about his fields of interest.

Articles by Alex

The Big Deal About Text Formatting in Web Design

While you may be able to use many attention-grabbing elements to make your Web design more effective, your site’s text formatting should not be set aside. Plain text actually bests faces and sensual body parts when it comes to getting attention on the Web.

Happy Holidays!

Our team wishes you Happy Holidays!

Shhh…don’t tell anyone that Design Cocktail 6 bundle is out

Let me tell you a little secret….our latest bundle Design Cocktail 6 just launched and is bigger and better than before. The bundle value is now $946 but it sells for only $39 and is packed with some awesome design resources that you cannot miss. We handpicked these awesome stuff  to make this bundle a…

What is the Difference Between Web Design and Web Development?

The difference between web design and web development has become blurred. This confusion may cause problems for a web design company and its clients. Web design has become a generic term that encompasses design and development.
It is important for companies to make their clients aware that a successful website requires excellent design and development. Equally, clients should be prepared to make the effort to understand the difference. This understanding makes the specification and approval process more straightforward.

Accept payments online as a freelancer

Every freelancer has to accept online payments from his clients because it’s fast, easy and most of the time reliable. I will tell you bellow about the methods of payments we accept on our websites (Designious, Vectorious .etc) with some advantages and disadvantages.

Designious Times is now PIXEL77

Hello there, welcome to Pixel77 the new home of Designious Times. We have a new name and also a new design that we hope you will enjoy.

Celebrating 10,000 members on + Giveaway

Because has reached 10,000 members is celebrating and offering a 1 month trial for only $5 (regular price: $30).