A laptop or a PC for design?

The choice is really depends on your needs. I will present a few pros and cons of using a laptop or a PC for design.

The PC Pros:

– More powerful then a laptop for the same money

– You can configure more components

– Easier to upgrade

The PC cons:

– weight, to heavy to carry it with you

– various components(monitor, pc unit, keyboard, mouse)

– size is another matter

Laptop pros:

– lightweight

– portable

– much more compact then a PC

Laptop Cons:

– less powerful then a PC for the same money

– harder to upgrade and more expensive

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Pro PC: teclado mas practico y rapido monitor mas grande (existen hata de 31´) mayor ergonomia al diseñar obliga a la postura correcta Pro Laptop: toda la diferencia del mundo


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