6 Awesome New Design Resources & Freebie from DesignTNT

Good news everybody! Our sister site DesignTNT is back with a couple of new awesome goodies, thus making the DesignTNT Bundle even bigger with $1754 worth of design resources, but remaining at the same price of $49!

It’s pretty hard to create top-quality products, but the team didn’t give up and managed to come with 6 new marvelous sets such as: Pixel-Perfect Web Elements which will help you build an entire website, 81 unique vector frames perfect for creating beautiful illustrations, Oktoberfest vector elements with beer mugs, stickers, barrels and pretzels, 30 highly-detailed vector autumn elements which will save you tons of time, 20 high-resolution grunge textures, watercolor splatter brushes perfect for creating artistic background and effects and last but not least – 60 FREE Doodle Icons designed to give your works a more personal look!

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Don’t waste your time and money creating or buying all these items one by one. Get this bundle now and you will have tons and tons of premium design resources at your fingertips!


Pixel-Perfect Web Elements

This is a complete set of pixel-perfect web elements, you can build a website using this set only. There are four distinct .psd files, all layered, labeled and organized into layer groups. You’ll be able to easily find an element without getting confused by the large number of layers.

Vector Frames Mega Set

This set contains 81 top-quality vector frames in various styles. Use them to create beautiful illustrations, posters, business cards, prints… anything you can think of!

Oktoberfest Vector Elements

This set contains 30 hand-drawn Oktoberfest vector elements you really should download and use them in illustrations, websites, posters, ads and prints.

Vector Autumn Elements Set

This set contains 30 gorgeous autumn vector elements you really want to download. Seriously, just look at those awesome colors and details, there is no way you’ll just move on without getting it!

Grunge Textures Set 2

This set contains 20 high-resolution grunge textures, ideal for web design, prints, posters and more. each texture is at least 5000 px wide, you’ll be able to use them for any design.

Watercolor Splatter Ps Brushes

This set contains 14 high-resolution watercolor brushes for Adobe Photoshop. To use them, simply double-click the .ABR file provided and your brushes are ready to be used, right in the Brushes palette (F5). Download now!

Don’t forget to download the latest freebie: a FREE Doodle Icons Vector Set containing 60 top-notch icons which can be downloaded absolutely free of charge!

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