50 Beautiful Examples of Macro Photography

I absolutely love macro photography! I would fill my house with canvas printed with macro photos! In case you didn’t know, macro photography means close-up photography, usually of very small subjects, but not only. Photographers use this method when they want to focus on the smallest details of a subject, details which, most of the times, you can’t see with the naked eye. These details make the photos incredibly beautiful and interesting. Here is a collection of 50 beautiful macro photographs to enchant your eyes. Enjoy!

Magnolias by Joanna Durczok

Orchis in Italy by mauro magagna

Macro Photography by FA Design

MACRO Nature by Daniel Duva

Insectuality by Trevor Henry

A closer look by Slava Stepahin

Secret world – Inside the garden by Marta Rudyk

Capture Mother Nature by Nancy Cheng

Macro WORLD 2 Marz ¨09 by Cathy Rojas

MACRO by Joel Brooks Antas

Weeds by Nicole Reekie

Water by Nicole Reekie

Macro Photography by Justin Dotson

Flora by Esteban Diacono

Still Life by Darya

Driving Mom by Suren Manvelyan

water & spider web by Oleg Zhukov

Drops of Jupiter by karolina harz

Terrarium by Daniel Aviles

Macro Colour by Michelle R.

My little world by Julie Rey

The beauty of nature by Marianne Røsvik

Macro by Andrew martin

Campanula by Dasha Denger

Do you know any other great examples of macro photography? Please share them with us.

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  • Terrarium

    Working with the reversed lens technique to achieve macro-like shots. These shots are from 2007 and this year.

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Excellent inspiration of macro shots!


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