20 Top-Quality Free UI Kits

A lot of things can be said when trying to answer the question ‘What makes a user interface design excellent?‘. Numerous fellow developers may come up with thousands of opinions and arguments, but you can bet your bottom dollar that they will all agree on this one: it’s all about appearance and usability. And after all, it’s only a matter of putting yourself as a developer in the shoes of an ordinary visitor of the website. God knows how many times I’ve been at wit’s end trying to find something I needed on a website and losing so much time because of its not-so-friendly user interface, which made the whole navigation process slower and much less effective than I had expected.

Now, since none of you is crazy enough to disagree with these web design basics, I’ve put together this awesome collection of free UI kits which I’m sure will be more than useful to many of you developers out there, and not only.

Most UI kits shown here focus on a more modern look, yet most of them still have that slight traditional touch. What would you guys go for? As modern and daring as possible or would you rather stick to the classics?

Best PSD Freebies
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Good collection found it useful. Thanks..


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