20 New T-Shirt Designs & 3 Giga Packs from Designious

The guys from Designious are back with a brand-new collection of t-shirt designs that will definitely blow you away!

I’m talking about 20 t-shirt vectors waiting to be downloaded and printed on your garments. Among them you’ll find a whole lot of funny t-shirts with animals & text that will definitely crack a smile even on the grumpiest of faces!

But that’s not all. Besides all these magnificent designs, they also prepared 3 massive giga packs: Giga Pack 11 with 276 items, Giga Vector Pack 12 and Giga Pack 13, each one with 160+ items! And the best thing about these giga packs is that they come with an extra 60% discount over the normal vector packs!

As you are already used to, all these resources come with an extended royalty license, meaning you can use them in any commercial work and even in merchandise, without paying any additional fees!

Take a look at what you get:

designious-tshirt-design-860 designious-tshirt-design-861 designious-tshirt-design-862 designious-tshirt-design-863 designious-tshirt-design-864 designious-tshirt-design-865 designious-tshirt-design-866 designious-tshirt-design-867 designious-tshirt-design-868 designious-tshirt-design-869 designious-tshirt-design-870 designious-tshirt-design-871 designious-tshirt-design-872 designious-tshirt-design-873 designious-tshirt-design-874 designious-tshirt-design-875 designious-tshirt-design-876 designious-tshirt-design-877 designious-tshirt-design-878 designious-tshirt-design-879 gigapack-11 gigapack-12 gigapack-13


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