20 Artistic Baby Photographs

What is it about babies that makes them so disarmingly beautiful? Is it the promise of new life and progress that comes with them? The endless possibilities that small being presents means something unbelievable.  In the words of Don Draper, protagonist of the popular series Mad Men, “We don’t know who he is yet, or what he’s gonna be. And that is a wonderful thing.”

It’s hard to capture the essence of innocence in pictures or people. Yet with babies, it is so easy. Every single photo is a perfect portrayal of purity. Is it how little they know about this world and how untouched they are by its rules and values that makes them so? Perhaps the hope the image of baby encapsulates for us just stems from the memory that we were all once so pure and untouched, with infinite possibilities ahead of us, ready to conquer the world.

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Regardless of the reason why we find babies so unbelievably amazing to look at, we know simply adorable and very pleasing to the eye. So let’s take a look at some wonderful pieces of baby photography that best capture all of the above!

A baby’s life is a continuous cycle of sleep and adventure. Whenever they aren’t dreaming of white fuzzy toys and unicorns safely tucked in their blankets or their parents ‘arms, they are discovering the world piece by piece – seeing it, touching it, tasting it, smelling it.

Sleep time

Can you remember the last time you slept like this – with no worries and ghosts from the past haunting your dreams?



Newborn photography by Carrie Sandoval and Brittany Woodall


Baby twins by Genevieve Albert


Baby by pictureguy


Baby… by nnovafoto


Baby Girl by Gymnast4life


Mother and Baby by Lydia Nimmo

Baby Mylah is sleeping undisturbed in her mother’s arms. She is protected and safe from every bad thing in the world.

Adventure time

Once they wake up from their long slumber they are ready to explore and learn. With their parents and their friends by their side, they slowly work towards getting their first steps and learning the names of their favorite toys. Adventure time is a wonderful part of the cycle to observe. Each baby is a superhero, protagonist in their own story that’s being written one gaze at a time.


Baby on the Beach by Poivre

The big ones are walking so fast and he still has so much to see. How can they be oblivious to the wonders and mystery this world they so hurrying go through presents? This small rock on the ground presents itself as an unmatched marvel that most surely needs to be explored and tested in every way possible.


Zane Anthony by Sjem20


Superman by Sjem20

A true superhero wearing his favorite cape, not afraid to show his identity as he is untouchable and almighty.


Wonder by Sjem20

He throws a gaze of wonder as his stroller passes so many things he doesn’t understand at a speed he cannot explain. Will he ever see them again? Will he get to touch them all look carefully one day perhaps?


Kids by DKlemm Photography

Barely standing on his own two feet, he tries to help mother with arranging the decoration for Halloween. Can she do nothing right? This needs an expert’s touch, for sure.


Baby by Chrisstina


Baby by Firarifunda


Baby on Table by Scott Moore

An innocent and unburdened smile that requires no further comments.


Snow Baby by Aeburse

Do you remember your first time in the snow? Was the cold even there or were you so taken aback that everything in the world just disappeared next to the dancing white fairies or the squeaky new carpet you had just discovered?


Baby come on… by Ptheho


Happy Baby by Lady Tori


Baby’s First Cake by Murasaki Tori


Bat Baby by Ember0Ashes

Adventure time can somewhat tiresome and saving the world is such an exhausting task. The cycle continues as we go back to sleep time.

Did you enjoy our short trip through the world of the innocent ones? Let us know what you think before the next time we go adventuring!

Until next time, fellow superheroes, share your thoughts and comments below!

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