13 Days Left Till The Launch Of The Brand NEW CS5 !

In CS4, Adobe blessed us with new, easier ways to work: smoother panning, zooming and a more fluid canvas rotation, an enhanced image blending, which provided a great combining tool of images in different exposures and color tones into a single, color-corrected image, a new, masks panel to quickly create masks or easily adjust them, auto-alignment of layers, re-engineered Sponge, Dodge and Burn tools, a new, enhanced Bridge, more printing options and more file display options and more. However, Adobe still isn’t pleased with the result of CS4 so now they offer us a new tribute: the CS5!

13 days! That’s when the new Adobe Creative Suite 5 will be launched and will come with new, amazing features! No more hours spent by journalists patching up images and getting caught up in photo editing, because the brand new Photoshop CS5 will be able to synthesize textures with the improved Content-Aware feature unlike any other application.

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Here are a few more features!

Adobe Premiere: Mercury Playback Engine

This is a new feature that allows nVidia VGAs to handle the HD workflows of today and get more juice from your CPU. Combining the VGA and the CPU, you’ll get unequalled performance for the 64-bit operating systems. Basically, the CPU takes over the tasks unhandled by the VGA.

New path detection: no more challenging hair selections through channels!

A new selection technology will be available in the Adobe CS5, with a better edge detection.

“Just Do It” in painting

This is a new feature that will allow you to take care of the small details more easily. Here’s how it works.

New image editing tools – PatchMatch

This tool uses a new randomized algorithm for quickly finding neighbor matches between image patches.

Register for the exclusive global launch of Adobe creative Suite 5 here ! http://cs5launch.adobe.com/

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