10 Mind Blowing New T-shirt Designs from Designious.com!

Our artists created 10 of the most cool t-shirt designs you have ever seen! We’re talking about serious skills, crazy lines, extreme grunge, complex design, hardcore overall look and fabulous concepts! You just have to see this for yourself!

T-shirt design 370 – Zombie Maid

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T-shirt design 371 – Samurai Helm

T-shirt design 372 – Zombie Head

T-shirt design 373 – Steampunk Helmet

T-shirt design 374 – Armored Unicorns

T-shirt design 375 – Old Puppet

T-shirt design 376 – Reinforced Skull

T-shirt design 377 – Tangled Wires

T-shirt design 378 – Necromancer

T-shirt design 379 – Steampunk Heart

Which is your favorite t-shirt design from the ones above? We would love to know.

Also, while you are here, why not browse the Designious.com website to see more awesome t-shirt designs and also PS brushes, vector packs, fonts and freebies.

Get your favorite t-shirt design now!

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4 Comments 10 Mind Blowing New T-shirt Designs from Designious.com!

  1. Bar Whiz Oct 3, 2011 at 18:34

    “Rest in pieces”. I live the Zombie Head design. The armoured unicorns are pretty cool, too.

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  3. thomas smith Oct 5, 2011 at 13:17

    Just Awsome literally mind blowing designs.. i love it :D


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