10 Breathtaking Street Art that Interacts with Its Surroundings

Street art is usually frowned upon by the elderly, the conservatives; street art is meant to disrupt its environment, bring something new and eye-catching. The best artwork, because yes, it is artwork, withstand the test of time, and it is truly a pleasure to see that it reoccurs from generation to generation. It is quite interesting to see how it evolves through time. And more interesting is to see how an artists imagination works.

You may see just a wall, smudged with dirt, some vines dangling on it, cracks that are observable from a distance, but a street artist sees an opportunity to bring a smile to someone’s face, to create something that will make you ponder a second, make you forget about your daily routine and ask yourself – “ Who is this brilliant man or woman, that decided to entertain us for free?”.

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We decided to hand pick some of the greatest street art there is.

1. Face of the city – Toronto, Canada


Image Source

Walking down the street, to your job, every single day can get boring real fast. Lets take a moment and admire this beautiful artwork. We are all part of nature, even though we decide to live in a concrete jungle, it always has a place in our hearts and minds.

We can try as hard as we want, but we will always be back to our roots. Maybe this is what the artist is trying to make us realize, that we need to be more in touch with nature, and stop polluting it.

2. The legends of giants – Bialystok, Poland


Image Source

Folk on the street. A little girl, dressed in traditional polish garments, has been painted on a building. Seen from a distance, we can see her watering down a tree.

Another street artist, thousand of miles away, trying to tell us all that we need to take better care of our nature, because without it, we are nothing. Nature has been the past, it is the present, and it will be future.

3. World going down the drain – Spain


Image Source

This beautiful street art has been made by artist Pejac. You can follow more of his work on his website, Facebook page and Instagram feed. He managed to express our worst fear.

That we are driving this world down the gutter, we are slowly destroying it, without thinking of the consequences. It may not happen in our lifetime, but we will leave a world full of nothing, crippled because our selfishness is more important.

4. Calvin and Hobbes – France


Image Source

Calvin and Hobbes is a comic strip that was written by cartoonist Bill Watterson, from 18th , November, 1985, to 31st, December, 1995. It is critically acclaimed and it has changed the lives of so many young kids, teenagers, young adults, adults, even those who have past the 40 year mark.

It truly is an inspiration to us all. As we clearly see this street art by artist “ oakoak”. A little homage to a great artist. You can follow more of his work in his website, Facebook page and Twitter feed.

5. Satellite dishes – Birmingham, United Kingdom


Image Source

What an innovative idea. Doesn’t it inspire you to do something meaningful, before you expire? It may depict that our children get addicted to TV, and miss on all of the fun that is called – playing outside.

As we evolve technologically, we make our lives easier, but do we see the great picture? Is it for a greater good? Or are we becoming sloths, just filling our minds with information but never really using it. Ponder for a second at this, and tell us your opinion, regarding this subject, in the comment section.

6. Bruce Lee – Saint Etienne, France


Image Source

Another great one from artist “oakoak”. A childhood hero of many, Bruce Lee, will live forever, bringing a smile to our faces. An innovator, an opener of doors.

7. Sluggo on the street – Michigan, United States of America


Image Source

This cute little creature comes from artist David Zinn, who is a freelance artist that does illustration, graphic design, scenic painting, temporary street art, and to put it in his words “ …making the creatures inside my head pay for rent and accommodation.”.

You can follow more of his work on his Facebook page, website, tumblr feed and zazzle page. Thank you Sluggo, and David, for cleaning our pathways, bringing joy to our little walks.

8. Spiderman – France


Image Source

We can’t get enough of  “oakoak”. Spiderman reaches new heights. Enough with the spider web, cracks in buildings is the new way for Spiderman.

9. Cigarro – Barra Funda, Sao Paulo


Image Source

Artists Anderson Augusto, also known as Sao, and Leonardo Delafuente, also know as Delafuente, decided one day to begin a project that will change and transform daily life, not only for their neighborhood, but for everyone that can see their work. And so 6emeia.com has been born.

Their goal is to “ Modify the means within which we all live, proposing a new way to view things by reflecting upon themes generated through creative and unusual works.” You can follow their work on their website, 6emeia.com.

Are cigars really needed in our work? Can’t we all agree that tobacco destroys so many lives each year. When are we going to end this self destruction? When are we going to realize that we had enough tar in our system?

10. La Caravane Passe – France


Image Source

“ oakoak” strikes again. This time with a beautiful scenery, depicting a caravan travelling through the desert. It truly is beautiful, seeing that green grass at the bottom, thinking of the desert, and how nomads travelled on camels for days, enduring hot days, and cold nights.

Cold nights were you could feel chill inside your bones. Escaping sand storms by burrowing yourself in the ground. Ah, what an adventure has “oakoak” brought upon us.

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