10 Free Editing Tools to Make Your Life as a Blogger Easier

We all know how dreadful it can be staring at a blank page and thinking how you can fill it up. We know that content is important, but everyone has content, so we must differentiate ourselves from the rest with greatness. Don’t fret, you’re not alone struggling with writing for your blog, we’re all in this together – from bloggers writing about clever Photoshop tricks to those who want to share their cooking recipes.

Let’s say that you finished your draft and want to post it on your blog, but it’s not really eye candy. The idea is there, you know it has tremendous potential but it’s not appealing. What can you do? Well, editing is the trick so we’ve rounded up 10 free editing tools, a neat cheat sheet if you want to put it that way, to help you out, make your life easier if your blogging as a hobby or as work on a daily basis.

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1. Word Counter


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It’s not just a simple word counter. It tells you if you’re overusing certain words, how many characters are there, without counting spaces. It shows you how many sentences and paragraphs you have, it even shows you how many words has an average sentence or how many character an average sentence has.

Only if you want it to be so detailed. You can just keep an eye out on how many words you’ve written so far.

2. Cliché Finder


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Tired of all those clichés? Even worse, are you tired of writing so many clichés? It can happen to the best of us. This free editing tool is here to get rid of your problems. It analyzes what you’ve written and it uncovers clichés in your text, based on what has been used in the past by other users. It’s simple to use, just type your text in the box and click “ Find Clichés”.

3. Byword


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This cool app is available on both Mac and PC app stores. It helps you easily share what you’ve written in any well-known format. Need it exported in HTML, PDF, rich text? Sync to iCloud or Dropbox? No worries. It does that for you in a second.

It’s really great when different ideas come to you on the go and you want to share them with someone else. Don’t let your ideas go to waste.

4. Readability


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This app is not a writing app, but it’s really helpful when you’re looking for content. If you’ve been searching for ideas you’ve surely stumbled upon numerous clustered sites, full with advertising, spamm and what not.

This little app makes it all go away and you can download the whole page to your iPhone, iPad or Android device. Ideas come better when your not being distracted by horrible adds telling you to buy their stuff.

5. StayFocused ( *Google Chrome app)


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We all tend to procrastinate – “ I’ll do it later, i really have to watch this gif of this puppy, ow and this cat is also cute, ow I’ll play this game and then work. No no, one more level and after. “ Not any more. This will end your procrastination.

This app basically blocks entire websites, domains, web game for you and you only. You decided for how long though, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour or even more. Upon entering an website that has been blocked by you, you’ll be prompted with a message “ Shouldn’t you be working? “.

It kind of hits you in the right post, doesn’t it? It’s there to give you tough love, to motivate you to stop slacking and get to work. Keep an eye on that deadline.

6. Synchroedit


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Working on a document with someone else, or multiple people, and you’re having difficulties accidentally overwriting each others work? We know how tedious it can get sending drafts and editing them. Synchroedit manages to break that barrier.

This tool lets multiple people edit the same document at the same time. But take this in mind, you can only use common formatting styles such as bold, italic, underline and so on and so forth.

7. After the Deadline


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The developers are praising it as one of the best. It can recommend the correct word 90 percent of the time and it can detect approximately 1,500 misused words. The longer you keep writing, the more you learn, After the Deadline explains why it has changed that specific word and it can also give you suggestions for your chosen style.

The really good thing is that it’s available for almost any platform: Word Press, bbPress, Firefox, Google Chrome and OpenOffice.org Writer.

8. ProWritingAid


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Besides telling you what to improve, it also tells you how to improve, the means to get there. It’s really almost the same as After the Deadline, but every user is different and it’s a matter of how you get along with your tools.

If you don’t find After the Deadline good for you, try ProWritingAid. The only thing that is different from AtD is that it even analyzes your text for plagiarism. It’s a handy thing to have.

9. EditMinion


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It may seem like a 90’s website at first, but don’t let that fool you. It has a ton of abilities. You just have to paste your text in the box and it will generate a report card.

That report card clearly shows you your weak points, your phrases that end with a preposition, how many times you’ve used passive voice, or the overuse of words like “ said”, “ they”. Of course, besides the common things like total word count, clichés and helping you with your misspelled words.

10. HemmingwayApp


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It’s like Hemmingway is grading your work. No, really, it actually grades your work and tells if you’ve done a good job or not. Your text will be analyzed based on number of adverbs used, number of complex words, readability, and the number of times you use your passive voice.

It marks with purple words that you can change for shorter ones. It tells you when to change an adverb by marking it with blue. Red is utilized when a phrase is too long and may confuse the reader. And finally, green is for passive voice.

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